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Important News

--- 04/01/2019 ---

Hancock County was declared a federal diaster county.  Thus, the timeframe was protesting your value to the Board of Review has been extended to June 5, 2019.  The values are set according to property condition January 1, 2019.

--- 12/06/2018 ---

The Iowa State Association of Assessors hosts a website with assessment information, applications for credits and exemptions, board of review information and several links to pertinent websites. Click the link to access the website:  https://www.iowa-assessors.org


Prior year values for commercial property are shown twice for 2015.  The first 2015 value listed is the 2015 equalized value which will be used to figure the taxable value for 2016/17.


The use of CSR2 and non-crop adjustments for agricultural land was implemented in the 2015 valuations.



Senate File 295 established a business property tax credit for commercial, industrial and railway property.  Each person who wishes to claim the credit shall obtain the appropriate forms from the County Assessor. The application is due by July 1st. Parcels classified and taxed as commercial property, industrial property or railway property, under chapter 434, are eligible for a credit.  A person may claim and receive one credit under this chapter for each eligible parcel unless the parcel is part of a property unit. You don't need to sign up annually. Once owership of part of the parcel or property unit is transferred, it becomes necessary to re-sign.


Apply for the credit at the Assessor’s office in the courthouse.  Contact the Assessor’s office for further information.